While it is not easy to get out of bed any earlier than absolutely necessary, there are numerous benefits to being an early riser.  Early morning is an excellent time for many activities and you can also get your day off on the right foot.  Plus, there are many career, health, and psychological benefits to getting up early.


The key is to use the extra time wisely.



They say early risers have all the fun:


  1. You can start the day on your terms. Imagine getting out of bed and having time to do whatever you please before you have to get ready for work!
  2. You can have peace and quiet. Everyone else is still asleep, it is quiet and peaceful outside, and the TV isn’t making any noise. When else do you have this same level of serenity? At night, you’re too exhausted to enjoy it.
  3. You can get more work done. An extra hour of work each morning can make the rest of the day go more smoothly. You could clean the house or prepare for a day at the office.
  4. You can enjoy the sunrise. It’s a spectacular sight. Get up and witness it  for yourself.
  5. You can get in shape. Working out after work is a crapshoot. You’re often too tired or busy to make it to the gym. If you get up early, you can grab your running shoes and head out the door. If running isn’t your thing, perform yoga on the living room floor. A treadmill in front of the morning news can work well, too.
  6. You can indulge in a hobby. Whether you like to read,  sew or play the violin, the morning can be a great time to enjoy yourself.
  7. There will be less traffic. Everyone is on the road at 7:00 AM. You can already be at the office and taking care of business by then. You might even be able to leave early and avoid the evening rush hour!
  8. You have time to pray or meditate. You can start your day on a positive note and create a good frame of mind for the rest of the day. The early morning is the perfect time to pray or meditate and then notice how much better your day goes when you savor this morning activity.

Are you convinced enough to set your alarm clock earlier? If you’ve been very consistent with your bedtime and wake time, your body has become used to that schedule.  To make the change to becoming an early riser try going to bed and waking up just five minutes earlier for the first few days. Then work another five minutes into your schedule. Continue the process until you’ve reached your desired wake time.


In Summary…


The early morning hours are valuable. You can enjoy health, personal, and career advantages by becoming an early riser. Get out of bed and take control of your morning. You’ll be pleased with the results.

Your Turn…

Are you an early riser?  What fun and invigorating things do you do in the early  morning hours?  How has this helped you in your life?   Please leave a comment below and share your insights with us.

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