Are you living your dream life now?


Let me start by asking you a very important question – Are you creating the life of your dreams or are you just reacting to it?


This question gets to the heart of whether you are living by design – meaning you are the creator of your life. Or, whether you are living your life by default, just reacting to what life throws at you.  If you are like most women, you are most likely just reacting to what life throws at you.


Over the past weekend I read an interesting article that I wanted to share with you.  It is written by Colin Hiles on How to Create the Life of Your Dreams.  He writes about living life by default (he calls it the default loop).


“A setting that is made up of old beliefs, thoughts and feelings. As soon as life pushes a certain button we automatically return to these well-worn neural ‘default’ pathways, believing them to be the truth. But Default Settings are far from the truth.  Most people don’t realise how Default Settings affect their lives. We all know people who seem to experience the same set of challenges again and again. They experience the same negative life events over and over again and they don’t even recognize it’s a problem!” – Colin Hiles



The Six Default Settings are: Approval, Blame, Conformity, Doubts and Fears, Excuses and Focus Splatter (you can read more on these in the article linked below)


He then goes on to talk about Living Life By Design (he calls this the Design Loop).  When you choose to live by design you focus on what you desire or want. This then brings about the life you choose to live – the Life of Your Dreams!   And, like everything else in life, this is something that most of us are going to have to learn to do.


“If you’re fed up with living a life that feels out of control and you are ready to make conscious decisions about the type of future you would like to create, here is a step-by-step process that allows you to meet all your responsibilities whilst you creating the life you love.” – Colin Hiles


You can create the Life of Your Dreams in 6 Easy Steps


Step #1. Clarity:

Living a life by design starts with knowing what that is. Everything flows from the vision of your right and ideal private and professional life. Knowing what kind of life you want to create gives you unstoppable power. Clarity is key in the quest for life of your dreams.


Step #2. Eliminate:

Once you have a clear vision, you need to eliminate anything that is not in alignment with it. That means clearing out junk, clutter and energy drains to free up room and let your new vision in. This important step is often missed out in many “quick fix” books and training programmes. It’s very hard to stay focused on creating a new vision when your life is set up in a reactive way.


Step #3. Intention:


What you intend is what your life becomes because thoughts become things. Your intention is a specific statement of clarity containing what you want, why you want it, and when you want it by.


Step #4. Attention:

The habit of attention is a daily practice. This step is your most powerful creative tool in your tool kit. Remember, where focus goes energy flows. Therefore, it is important to build daily rituals, practices and habits into your life since these will help you to stay focus only on what you want – your intention.


Step #5. Action:

This step is not just about taking any kind of action – it’s about taking conscious action (not default actions). Taking action is about moving forward with your intentions – taking actions not reactions. Reaction is NOT action!


Step #6. Release:

Lastly it’s about letting go of your expectations of ‘how’ your intention and vision will manifest by ‘unsetting’ your head. This allows your heart to stay open and see the opportunities in everything you create in your life.


These are the six steps of deep blasting transformation – to creating the life of your dreams. Real success comes from the setting of new habits, disciplines and rituals – it’s the opposite of the “quick fix” which leaves so many people frustrated, disillusioned and cynical.


Are you ready to live the Life of Your Dreams?


Your turn…


Do you feel you are living the life of your dreams?  What are some things you are going to do to change that moving forward?  Please leave a comment in the boxes below and share your thoughts with us.


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