11 Ways to Live in the Moment

    A quick post for you today on ways that you can take time and live in the moment.  I know this is not often easy to do, however, it is important to try.   It’s impossible to enjoy life at the highest level without being fully aware of the present... read more

What do you want to do with your life?

Figure Out What You Want to Do With Your Life in 8 Easy Steps   Do you feel like you’re staying in the same place in life and not moving in the direction you’d always thought you’d go?   Wouldn’t you love to get a handle on your life aspirations and begin to achieve... read more

IT’S. MY. LIFE. Magazine May 2016

A Snippet from the Magazine How Self-Aware Are You?   We live in a 24/7 society.  From the time we wake in the morning until we close our eyes at night, we do not stop, and we do not rest.  Unfortunately, one of the many prices we pay for living with this busy... read more

April Issue

In the April 2016 issue of “IT’S. MY. LIFE”,  you will find new ideas for discovering your life purpose, what to do when you have no idea what to do, plus many more articles to help you on your path to self-discovery and purpose.… Read... read more


Limiting beliefs have more of a negative impact on your life than any other factor.   After all, most of us are pretty rational – we’re not going to spend a lot of time on something that we believe is doomed for failure. Why would you even try to lose... read more

March 2016 Issue

March Issue In our March Issue of “IT’S. MY. LIFE”,  we talk about the seven secrets to a great life, ways to bring more balance into your life,  how to jump-start your day and tips for simple living,  plus many more articles to help you on your path... read more

What Are You Naturally Curious About?

  What is it that you are naturally curious about?  All of us have some level of curiosity, whether that is what the weather is like in other areas of the world or even the news.  Curiousity is important for a variety of reasons.  Below are a few reasons why it... read more

Hope Brightens My Life

  Self-Reflection Questions:   How can I remain hopeful during tough  times? What are some images that mean  hope for me? What are my hopes for today, and how can I make them come true?   An Affirmation:   Hope brightens my life.   Hope is a... read more

Being Happy & Vision Boards

As a quick “Sherry Shares” post, I would like to share with you a few web posts I found of interest.  I hope you enjoy them as well. What Makes People Happy?   If that doesn’t sound familiar, then you haven’t heard the Pharrell Williams song “Happy”.... read more

What Do You Want to Be Most Remembered For?

Have you thought of the question, What do you want to be remembered for? What do you want your kids, your grand-kids and the people in your life to remember you for? Do you want to leave a legacy behind?     Don’t know what you want to be remembered for? Try... read more

Each Day I Move Closer To My Dreams

Self-Reflection Questions:     What are some of my heart’s deepest longings? If I feel like I am not moving toward those passions, what seems to be in my way? What can I do today to spur me on toward one of those dreams?     An Affirmation:  ... read more

Miracles Start to Happen When…

Your positive thought for today:       Do you believe in miracles?  They do happen.  Maybe not in the ways you expect, but often in ways you least expect it .  A miracle can be something as simple as having someone placed in your life that teaches you things... read more

What are your energy levels like?

What are your energy levels like?   When you wake up in the morning, are you jumping out of bed ready to jump into the day or are you dragging yourself out and struggling with exhaustion?   Our energy levels have a direct relation to the things we do to... read more

How to Move From Inspiration To Action

  How to Move From Inspiration to Action How many of your great ideas have you suppressed? Were afraid to take action on?   Why do you think you do this?     If there’s one self-criticism that most people have, it’s the inability to take action with any... read more

Letting Go Of The Past

    Our positive thought for today is a quote from Don Miguel Ruiz. “God is life. God is life in action. The best way to say, “I love you, God,” is to live your life doing your best. The best way to say, “Thank you, God,” is by... read more

What Do You Love Helping People With?

  Our question today asks – ” What do you love helping people with?”  What are some things that you do that without even thinking about that help other people and brings you joy at the same time?   Did you find that question difficult to... read more

Are you living the life of your dreams NOW?

Are you living your dream life now?   Let me start by asking you a very important question – Are you creating the life of your dreams or are you just reacting to it?   This question gets to the heart of whether you are living by design – meaning you are the... read more

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