Self-Reflection Questions:



  1. What are some of my heart’s deepest longings?
  2. If I feel like I am not moving toward those passions, what seems to be in my way?
  3. What can I do today to spur me on toward one of those dreams?



An Affirmation:



Each day, I move closer to my dreams.


My life is filled with possibility and I trust that my heart’s deepest longings are on their way. Because of these things, I have the courage to take action. Each day, I move closer to my dreams.



Some steps I take are big. I may enroll in a challenging course, take out a loan for my new business, or finish paying off an old debt. Whatever the step, however, I am confident that I am moving toward my highest vision of myself and my life.



Other steps are smaller. Just getting through a challenging day with a positive attitude is movement in the right direction. After all, I am happy about where I am heading in life. Therefore, maintaining positivity now is great practice, and is something I can do every day.



Sometimes, actions I take may not even seem connected to my goals. They may seem too small to be related my biggest dreams. I trust, though, that as I hold my vision in my heart, I am guided. Each action I take propels me closer to my deepest yearnings.



Today, I trust in the fundamental rightness of my goals.  I know that they align with what I really want, and in time, they can be mine.



Each day, I consciously take note of how I am moving closer to my dreams and praise myself for my hard work.







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