Self-Reflection Questions:


1. What value do I place on learning?

2. What would be the best time of day for me to regularly set aside to focus on developing specific plans of action?

3. What types of experiences offer me the most useful information?

An Affirmation:


Every experience teaches me something new.


Everything I do in life is an opportunity to learn something new.


All that I encounter teaches me more about myself and the world around me.


I seek out a variety of experiences.


Keeping an open mind allows me to see things from a fresh perspective.


I enjoy talking with people whose ideas differ from my own.


Whether I travel to exotic destinations or even remain in my own backyard, I can always discover something unique.


By recognizing patterns, I am able to understand my behavior better and identify areas where I want to make positive changes.


I develop specific plans of action. This enables me to transform what I learn into tangible improvements.  I focus on taking steps that are realistic for me to follow. Setting definite timelines helps me to measure my progress.


I am more interested in long term achievements than overnight success.


I look beyond temporary setbacks and take satisfaction in my efforts.


This learning process fills me with a sense of excitement and builds my self-confidence.


My life is enriched and I feel more fulfilled. I am like an eternal student who loves to study.


Today, I am determined to gain new knowledge and sharpen my skills.


I welcome every moment that contributes to my learning and growth.


This learning process fills me with a sense of excitement and builds my self-confidence.



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