I am learning new things in all aspects of my life.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What have I learned about myself?
  2. How can I apply these lessons to my life to make it betterf?
  3. Have I opened my mind to learning opportunities today?


An Affirmation:


In every area of my life there is room for improvement.


I am where I am today because I have opened myself up to progress and have embraced the opportunities to learn and grow.


I welcome new things into my life because everything I learn serves to make me a better person.


I let go of the fear that I am unable to learn because I know I am capable of learning and applying new found knowledge to my life.


All around me are opportunities to learn.


I am confident in my abilities to take advantage of these opportunities and apply these new ideas to my life.


When I learn negative things about myself, such as my inclination to procrastinate, I am able to accept this awareness and implement a strategy  to manage them.


I improve my life and enjoy greater success by learning new things.


Today I will open my mind to new possibilities and actively seek new ideas. I will also strive to apply my new-found knowledge to my life to make me a better person.


I will increase my knowledge of the world around me and incorporate new ideas into my plans.


I improve my life and enjoy greater success by learning new things.





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