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How Self-Aware Are You?


We live in a 24/7 society.  From the time we wake in the morning until we close our eyes at night, we do not stop, and we do not rest.  Unfortunately, one of the many prices we pay for living with this busy lifestyle is the loss of self-awareness.

When was the last time you sat down with yourself and reflected inward – thought about who you were, what was important to you and how you want your life to be remembered?

Taking time for reflection and introspection is crucial.  Unconsciously, or maybe even consciously, we often push away our thoughts of reflection and determine our identities through our actions rather than our self-beliefs, through reactions rather than instincts, through habit rather than self-understanding.  We become the sum of our achievements or failures, and we define ourselves through other people’s eyes.

I believe we all must take a journey of self-discovery at this stage of our life – A journey towards self-awareness and self-acceptance.  This journey begins with a mission to understand ourselves, to clear away the debris that masks our real thoughts, true beliefs and honest opinions.

Women’s Self Discovery Network was created to help you look within and find your answers.  There you will discover exactly where you are now and you will see your own potential and be able to answer your question of “who am I now” and “what do I want to do with the rest of my life”.

I hope that together we can travel on this journey of self-discovery and create the life we want to live.

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