Taking consistent small steps results in big changes 


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What small step can I take today to make changes in my life?
  2. How does passion lead to realization?
  3. Why should I allow myself to be transformed slowly rather than quickly?




  • To create lasting change in my life, I begin with a single step. No matter where I want to go or how far I want to travel, it is all accomplished by one small step followed by another.
  • I embrace my ordinary beginning as the starting point of something great. I am encouraged by the positive change I can make in my life, regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem at the moment.
  • Consistency is what takes me from one small step to another and keeps me moving forward. As I continue to move ahead, I see that my dreams are within reach and press on until I reach my goals.
  • When I want to erase a behavior, I start by cutting back on it. I may not yet be able to stop completely, but I can reduce how often I engage in that action. Little by little, I reduce the behavior until I am no longer interested in it.
  • When I want to increase certain actions, I simply give myself opportunities to purposefully engage in them. Taking things slowly assures me that I am retraining myself from the inside out. Passion leads to dedication, dedication leads to consistency, and consistency leads to achievement.
  • Lasting transformation only comes when I transform my mind over a period of time. Fast change may seem effective at first, but solid habits are formed over time. Permanent change – the kind that makes life better – comes from within.
  • Today, I choose to take single step, regardless of how small it may seem. I know that every great accomplishment begins with a tiny movement, so I take action instead of sitting still.


Lasting transformation only comes when I transform my mind over a period of time.



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