“Believe in your dreams. They were given to you for a reason.”

– Katrina Mayer


Have you reached a period in your life where you are asking yourself “what’s next for me?”  If you answer yes, know you are not alone.  I call this period in life “The Time of Great Questioning”.    I need to ask – have you had any of the following thoughts?


  • I have been there, done that – I don’t want to do this anymore.
  • I have achieved my goals and need a new challenge.  What’s next? 
  • I need to find my passion, new meaning or balance in my life.
  • I want to do something just for me.
  • I want to do something for others.
  • Everything seems so uncertain all of a sudden; I am questioning everything in my life.
  • It’s now or never.


If this sounds like some of the thoughts running through your head, you are definitely “in the process of transition”.    To read more about midlife transition, check out this post:  http://womensselfdiscoverynetwork.ca/what-you-should-know-about-your-midlife-transformation/


If you are between the ages of 40 and 65, I bet you have asked yourself “what am I going to do with the rest of my life?”   During this “Time of Great Questioning”, often our life circumstances have changed in some way or another.

  • You may have been laid off or forced into early retirement
  • You may be facing life alone without a partner, either by circumstance or choice
  • You may be needing a change of path or direction
  • Your children may have grown and left home


While the feelings of questioning and discontentment that are stirring within you may be ill defined and unarticulated, they need to be addressed   They signal that the “status quo” is no longer working for you and that you need to make a change in your life.


I believe that the only way to move beyond these feelings is to rediscover your dreams and create the life you want to live.

I can hear you say – really!  My dreams are going to make me feel better about my life.  I believe so, with a resounding YES!

Why – Because dreams are what give our life meaning and purpose.

We all have dreams (whether we admit to them or not).   Some people just may have more trouble identifying or articulating their dreams than others; some may believe their dream is too insignificant to be considered a dream; while others may believe it is too late for them to dream.

I disagree!  I believe you are never too old to dream, or too old to make your dreams a reality.   If you want to make your dreams a reality and create the life you want to live, there are four steps you can follow:

  1. Identify your dreams
  2. Discover your strengths, talents and resources
  3. Uncover what is holding you back
  4. Create the plan to make your dreams happen


You also need to decide:

  •  To take charge of your life and live your dream
  •  That it is not too late to create and achieve your dreams
  •  That this is the ideal stage in life to create and achieve your long held dreams
  •  That the decisions that you make now will affect how you will experience your   life in the future


I believe that we are the authors of our own life stories and that we still have time to write some very good chapters and to create a positive future for ourselves.


Now is “our time”.  Our time to:

  • Redefine ourselves and our dreams
  • Fulfill our long held dreams
  • Reclaim our goals and reset our priorities


Women’s Self Discovery Network was created to help guide you through this Time of Great Questioning and to help you create your personalized road map to your future – to help you take charge of your life and create the future of your dreams.


You can be the architect of your own life and design your own future!  We are here to help you do that – and help you do it your way!


Today we have more freedom to make more choices than ever before.  Women are living longer and healthier lives now than 50 to 100 years ago.  We could have 30-40-50 years ahead of us to dream and realize our dreams.


How awesome is that!!


Your Turn:


What are you going to do with the rest of your life?


Please share your dreams with us in the comments below.




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Start your journey of self-exploration and discovery today. 


Take charge of your future and create the life you want to live.


Congratulations! We are happy to have you part of the WSDN Community!

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