When was the last time you were so exited that you could not sleep?  Why?


Although we sometimes forget, the life we live is an amazing gift.


Sometimes, it is easy to take this for granted when your are going day to day just living your life.  For many of us, our life has turned into a boring routine with seemingly no possibility to escape this “every day the same”.


We get up early, go to work, do something all day long that we are not always really interested in, come home late, have dinner and watch TV for a bit before going to bed. (Sound familiar??)  The next day it starts all over again. The weekend passes in no time,  probably filled with chores you had no time to complete during the week.  And, this goes on for weeks, months and even years.


There is so much to life though and there are many ways to get excited about it again. Being excited about life is good not only for mental health, but physical health, too!


Just think for a minute.  What are some of the things that excite you:


  • Talking to people?
  • Investing time in your hobbies?
  • Helping Others?
  • Falling in love?
  • Reading inspiring books?


These are just some of the little things that you can do each day to bring some excitement into your life.


What about the big things?  We all have a “bucket list” – or a “list of possibilities” that could really bring excitement to our lives.  What’s on yours?


I know anything “travel” is what gets me so excited that I cannot sleep.  Think about it… what’s on your list??


Share in the comments sections below some of the things on your list.


I look forward to hearing about what excites you!


 We all have a “bucket list” – or a “list of possibilities” that could really bring excitement to our lives.




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